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Exchanging your car for cash: What you need to know

Posted by Nattason on
Exchanging your car for cash: What you need to know

When you exchange your car for cash you feel that the valuation is lower. When you want to save your time and also convenience you get lower valuation. However, you can make it a better deal if there is a substantial exchange bonus. In the absence of exchange bonus you get the lowest price for your car when you exchange it for cash. When you want to buy a new car from a showroom buy exchanging your old car, the showroom owner will offer you a substantial amount as exchange bonus which will provide you a good discount for buying the new car.

Advantages of exchanging car for cash

When you exchange your car for cash with a substantial exchange bonus you can have the satisfaction of having a really good deal. When you buy a new car in exchange of your old car, you need only less amount of money to get the new car. The amount that you get for exchanging the old car will be deducted from the price of the new car. When you exchange your old car in a showroom, you will find the transaction very convenient. The showroom will take care of all the formalities. When you exchange your old car, you get a new car and simultaneously get rid of your old car. Exchanging your car for cash is the safest way to sell your old car. Nobody will misuse the car and you need not worry about RC transfer and other formalities. Once you get rid of your old car it will be substituted with a new car. There will be no waiting period in between. Exchanging old car for cash is the best option when your car is very old and the model is not so popular.


There are a few disadvantages also in exchanging your car for cash. When you sell your car in the exchange offer, you get the lowest price for your old car. Moreover, when there is no exchange bonus, your returns will be very less. Many people go for the car exchange offer after getting impressed with the exchange bonus offer. But, in many cases, the person who exchanges his car will be losing because soon there may be good discount for the car that he buys.


What you should do before going for exchange of your car?

When your car is of a popular brand and is less than 5 years old, you avoid exchanging the car. You can get a better deal when you avoid exchange. Those who have cars that were launched only recently and if there is heavy waiting list for that car, there will be no exchange bonus if they exchange the car. Hence in such cases exchange of the car is not advisable. Never finalize the exchange deal after visiting just one showroom. One should visit showrooms of few other brands also. This will enable you to get a better price and also exchange bonus. When you exchange your car you must have clear idea of the new car that you are going to buy. You should not buy the new car just for the exchange bonus. Also, you should not fall in the trap laid by the salesman at the showroom.